"My name is Tegan K. Wolfe. I am the head of the Redding Pharmaceutical Corporation; or Redding Corp. I currently work six days out of the work week and can be found at my office or via cell most days. Please contact my secretary with any further questions."

Tegan Wolfe (formerly Hobbes) (is one of many victims of an infamous April 1st storm--not that anyone knows it. And if they do, they're not talking. Currently (happily) married to Aiden Wolfe, Tegan keeps his social life under wraps--including his particular power that manifested after he was struck by lightning...

[[For the Seven Nation Army RP.]]

To Pull Us Through {Post-Apocalyptic; Pt. III}

  1. kaelanandrews-sna said: ;A; This is so beautiful and desperate oh my god I could see the little world they were in and it was in sepia tones and dirty and just. ahdhfgg. ugh I loved the tone and the emotion in this, it’s perfect.
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